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I have been a collector of Third Reich and Imperial Daggers and Swords since 1952. Along with many fellow collectors I have duplicate items to sell or exchange for rare pieces and mint examples of all types. We would be happy to purchase the items or exchange.
Present items available include Government, Postschutz, Teno, Railway Etc. along with some accoutrements and miniatures.
No huge list but would be happy to send full details of items available. Just tell me what you are looking for.
I have freely contributed to many books over the last 50 years, and I am always happy to give free advice and exchange information.
Insurance valuations and authentication can be arranged.
Travelling the whole U.K. with my business I can usually arrange a meet and can arrange to have any item brought to most U.K. arms fairs for appraisal.
All items are unequivocally guaranteed 100% genuine.
Postage to anywhere in the world
Good luck and Good Hunting

PO box 770, Uxbridge, London, UB8 3ZL  ENGLAND
Tel 01895 258682 or 07774 273892